Siargao – DIY Travel Guide

Traveling Siargao Island is one of my ultimate bucket lists! As we all know Siargao Island is the surfing capital of the Philippines and beyond the monstrous waves this island is famous for are the beautiful lagoons, breathtaking cave pools, the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao and amazing islands that are now considered famous tourist destination.


I am encouraging you to pack your bags NOW and head immediately to this paradise covered with palm trees.


I’ve listed things you can do around the island and check out this hidden gem of Mindanao.



The first thing that comes out on your mind about Siargao is SURFING. For beginners like me, they offered a spot where most accessible for the beginner on the island. A great spot for learning how to catch a wave but often crowded with surf lessons but you have an instructor that will help and guide you. If you aren’t into surfing then skip this one cause there’s plenty of things to do around the island.

How much is the rate of the instructor?

  • 500 per hour

How much renting the surfing board?

  • 300 per hour


Magpupungko is one of the most popular destinations in Siargao Island. It is famous for its lagoons which can only be seen during low tide. So before going to Pilar, please check the tide times, it changes daily cause it took us 3 hours waiting to see the rock pool but its all worth it. From General Luna to Pilar you have to drive for an hour to reach the destination. While waiting for the low tide we enjoy ourselves swimming in the refreshing and crystal clear water.

After 3 hours, rock pool was indeed unique and a sight to behold. It has clear emerald green waters surface. It has a little area with coves, caves, and cliff jumping spots. And if you’re not an adrenaline junkie like me taking photos of the rock formation and enjoying the waves crashing the rocks are an amazing sight too



A day trip to Sugba Lagoon was one of the top highlights during my stay in Siargao. It is a popular Siargao tourist spot that offers an unforgettable experience as one of the bluest lagoons I have ever seen! Sugba lagoon is on Caob Island. It takes approximately forty minutes to get over to the lagoon.

Despite being recommended as one of the popular Siargao tourist spots the Lagoon isn’t overcrowded, it’s big enough for you to find your own piece of paradise to chill, take photos and hang out. It is a 4000-hectare sanctuary, great for activities such as SUP boards, diving board, swimming and relaxing. Also, there is a floating house in the middle of the Lagoon which is the base to leave your bags safely and go swimming. We rented a table for 50 pesos and left our bags there while we were off exploring the Lagoon.

There is 3 hours time limit for staying at the lagoon. This is to allow other groups of people arriving and departing throughout the day. There is no food or water available to buy at Sugba Lagoon so make sure to pack a lunch before heading over from Del Carmen.

Lastly, no garbage bin available so makes sure you bring your garbage with you to keep the area clean.


Even if you’re not a surfer, Siargao will spoil you with natural wonders. On early Monday, we get off the island and go island hopping from Siargao. There are three beautiful islands which are the tourist part of Siargao. Naked Island, Daku Island, Guyam Island

Naked Island (an exposed sandbar)-is the place to go to for some sun, sand, and swimming

Daku Island – Think of clean turquoise waters, cream fine sand, wide quiet shoreline and fantastic sun. That’s DAKU ISLAND

Everything in Daku island is undoubtedly amazing and
fulfilling. I had to quietly take a moment, look around, enjoy dozing off in the soft sand

Guyam Island -good enjoying the rest of the day.

FAQs about island hopping

Q. How much is the boat fee?

  • Ranges from Php 1,500. Split this among joiners.

Q. How far is the island?

  • Around 20 minutes from General Luna.

Q. How much are the cottages @DAKU ISLAND?

  • Short stay: Php 300
  • Entrance:100 pesos


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